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summerpride is a celebration of LGBTI community pride.
The Vision
June is Pride Month when we commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion that jumpstarted the modern civil rights movement for LGBTI people. June is a traditional time for many communities around the world to have celebrations. Now Tucson does too.

When does summerpride take place?
June (dates TBD)

How can I get involved? 
Every event page has a link to a sponsoring organization. So if you would like to volunteer or contribute, please contact the respective organization directly.


Is summerpride a yearly event?

Is summerpride an organization?
No, "summerpride" is the name of an event concept developed by Pete King, who owns and 

How are monies accounted for?
Each organization or business holding events is 100% responsible for their own finances. There is no "co-mingling" of funds.
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