summerpride is a celebration of LGBTI community pride.
The Vision
June is Pride Month when we commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion that jumpstarted the modern civil rights movement for LGBTI people. June is a traditional time for many communities around the world to have celebrations. Now Tucson does too.
When does summerpride take place?
June 29-30 2019
How can I get involved? 
Every event page has a link to a sponsoring organization. So if you would like to volunteer or contribute, please contact the respective organization directly.
Is summerpride a yearly event?
Is summerpride an organization?
No, "summerpride" is the name of an event concept developed by Pete King, who owns and The vision of summerpride is to create a week of exciting events that appeal to a wide cross section of the community. It is a collaboration of organizations, businesses and social groups.
How are monies accounted for?
Each organization or business holding events is 100% responsible for their own finances. There is no "co-mingling" of funds.