6 PM



Downtown Tucson 

Starting Point, Route and Rally TBA



No Charge

Donation Options Coming Soon



Arizona For All

We join cities around the world calling for an end to discrimination and bigotry against gender minorities with the biggest march for LGBTI rights in Tucson history. 

Don't be a bystander! Let your voice be heard and join the thousands expected for "The Equality March/Tucson." This historic effort is part of a global event with cities around the country and around the world having "Sister Marches" on the same day as one being planned in Washington DC. This will be the largest protest march for the rights of LGBTI people ever to take place in Tucson.

What you can do now is start spreading the word to your friends, co-workers, family, fellow church-goers, that hot guy at the gym, that cute girl at Starbucks ---- everywhere! We can not sit idle while this new administration tries to erode our rights and diminish our place in American society.